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Aphrodite's Bedroom

Is marriage worth the investment for women?

Marriage, not worth the investment

The most recent statistic according to the US Census puts singlehood at ...

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cover for greekam girl

Like the site? Get the book!

If you like the content you get here at, now is ...

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Intercultural Marriage

Intercultural Marriage

My Big Fat Greek Wedding film fantasy or the gnisio thing? By ...

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Being Single and Greek: Anathema or New Trend

A professional woman in her 40s, lets call her Helen, educated, accomplished, ...

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Fashion and Beauty


Greek Diet curbs breast cancer (and most other types of cancer)

Good News! Eating Greek may fend off breast cancer. According to a ...

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chew your food

Chew Your Food!

Don’t Forget to CHEW YOUR FOOD! We’ve all heard this repeatedly throughout our ...

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3Quarters: Upcycling Tentes into Functional Handbags

Hints of eco-friendliness have finally made their way into Athens. A small ...

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ONAR: Slow Fashion, Sustainability, and Finnish Greek Aesthetic Blend

ONAR is the ancient Greek word for “dream” or “oneiro.”  It is ...

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