"You cannot live there and you cannot live here without the siren songs haunting you. Face it, kopella mou, you are neither Greek nor pure American. You are this strange hybrid creature--those beasts from your mythology: half-woman, half-fish, half-man, half-goat, half-horse. What creates your identity is the combined force of two contrary cultures. Your identity is an artificial construct in a way. You were created out of circumstances. The product of someone else's choice . . . So here you are: on the "N" train going to work on a gloomy Monday with dreams of Mykonos in your head. You can never go back, except in spirit and memory. This sea-change has made you into the weird creature that you are. Your grandchildren and their children's children will hear your song in the turquoise-blue, clear fathoms of their sleep and wake up crying." --from "Half-Fish, Half-Woman: The Hybrid Creature of the Greek-American Identity" Irene Archos



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