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What’s the best shade of hair color for your skin tone?

So, summer is around the corner and with all those vacation plans and change of looks, you might be thinking: what color should I dye my hair?  Of course, it is always good to change your look, but choosing the wrong shade could mean disaster and could actually ruin your plans.  We can all share horror stories of that nasty surprise color that appeared when they unwrapped the towel.  It looked good on the package or dangling from those hair oval color samples from the trifold in the salon, but on your head it came out a nasty shade of brown or worse.  Here’s a few tips to keep in mind if you’re dying to get dyed.

#1 Know Your Skin Tone

The general rule is warm skin tones take warm colors while cool tones should stick to cool. People with warm skin have yellow or golden undertones and look good in gold jewelry. An easy way to tell if you have a warm tone is to see if the veins on the inside of your arms are tinged with green.

Cool skin has pinkish based or blue undertones and looks fabulous in silver jewelry, and will have blue tinged veins.

If you naturally have…

Dark or olive skin, try to stay with darker hair colors.

Yellow skin tones will look good with dark and rich colors, such as deep auburn.

Pale skin will match almost any color.

Pink skin is fantastic for neutral tones such as beige blonde and chocolate brown, but can look too pink with shades of red and gold.

#2 Match Your Eyes to Your Skin Tone to Your Hair Color

Pale skin and blue eyes will naturally suit blonde tones.

A medium skin tone with hazel eyes will look great with dark blonde and copper colors.

Darker skin with any eye color is perfect for pulling off dramatic shades of purple and mahogany.

Skin Tone Hair Color Matches









Jet black


Mid-level blondes

Flat browns












Strawberry blonde



Orange based reds

Dark browns



General Hair Color Tips

  • Give permanent color two weeks to settle.
  •  Apply regular conditioning treatments.
  • Color lock shampoos and conditioners and color boosting shampoos are a quick and easy way to maintain your color
  • Stay away from sulfate-based shampoos as they strip the color off hair strands



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