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The Tale of Two Friendships: Why Greek Female Friendships Don’t Last

Why can't female friendships last as long as male?

I have noticed a big difference between the way men hold onto friendships and the way women do. I can point to anecdotal evidence for the present until I dig into further research. My little brother, single but happy, has ...

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Nightmares in the Saudi Arabian Desert: Intimate Profile of Alexandra Symeonidou

Alexandra Simeonidou and the Arabian sheik she married, a fairy tale romance that turned into a nightmare

She was brutally beaten, almost to the point of death. She was isolated, wrenched away from her family in Athens. She practically disappeared into the Saudi desert, unable to seek refuge from the constant physical and emotional abuse inflicted on ...

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Kalliroi Siganou-Parren: Women’s Rights Champion from Crete

Kalliroi Siganou-Parren

Lets face it, if you had been born in a backwards village in the backwaters of Greece in the 19th century, you would have faced marriage in your teens to a man you had never met or met for a ...

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Greek Americans, Go Trump Yourselves

Trumps and Greek American supporters

How many Greek-Americans support Trump? Gathering from the four staff members of Greek American descent Trump has appointed and the controversial loudmouth, right-wing supporter Milo Yiannopoulos, I’d venture to say “too many.”  It seems that Trump has found many eager ...

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The Love/Hate Relationship with My Greek Culture

Hellenic Tattoos

Being greek is a lot like being bipolar without a formal diagnosis. Now after a season of living in the epicenter of global Greek culture, Athens, I have become even more bipolar than when I started.  The benefit of living ...

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