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Massacre and Martrydom: The Battle between Light and Dark in the Human Heart

Christ embracing the Innocent Martyrs

In this icon fresco the casual observer witnesses a massacre.  Mass violence perpetrated by one group of people on another.  So many massacres have happened, not only in Church history, but throughout history. A quick turn through every church brings ...

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Chapter 1: An American in Athens: Driving

greek drivers

Driving Just because you have a license from the US does not give you permission to drive in Greece.  That’s because what you have grown up used to in the States does not apply.  If you actually do the logical ...

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Chew Your Food!

chew your food

Don’t Forget to CHEW YOUR FOOD! We’ve all heard this repeatedly throughout our lives. As parents you’ve most likely said it many times to your kids. But do YOU actually do it? And while it goes without saying that chewing your ...

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An American in Athens


After almost 25 years of living away from the country, I have decided to move back. For a year, maybe less.  It’s an experiment. Just to see if someone  raised the good old American way could survive in happy go ...

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Epirus, Konitsa, Pades: Hidden Gems of Pindus Mountains


Epirus, the northeast province of Greece, is a hidden gem. The Pindus mountain range is responsible for its rugged beauty as well its remoteness.  Stepping away from the university town of Ioannina, “me ta papoutsia panena,” (the Dalaras song always ...

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