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Cassandra’s Curse

imageCassandra that poor fateful figure was cursed to be a smart cookie. The gods could not have cast a more horrendous fate on a female mortal– she had the ability to know everything to see the future unfold in front of her but no one would believe her. She is immortalized in a constellation in he Milky Way, she is sitting on a stool pulling her hair for all eternity. I feel like Cassandra most days. I am cursed with a mind and for a female that is lethal.

It is curse for several reasons. One because as a female you are not esteemed for your intelligence. Although more women than ever are going to college, although many more have become professionals than their mothers and grandmothers they are still held to account for the beauty standard. A woman is first judged on the merits of her looks and her feminine wiles. Men size up a woman according to her looks not her brains whether consciously or unconsciously. They tend to feel more comfortable and less threatened in the company of a doe like sweet thing that does her nails and curls her eyelashes and spends a lot of time and energy on her appearance. Shakespeare told no lies when he said a young mans love enters through his eyes. A smart cookie is intimidating and a threat to the male ego so he would rather ignore her or go out of his way to put her down because in essence he views her as a male rival, not as a female sexual conquest. Look at how many men tend to marry submissive, ultra feminine women especially those raised in cultures that hyper accentuate the gender roles.

A woman with intelligence is cursed because she knows and understands just how much she is done injustice to due to the double standard. If she does accept the rigid sex roles of her male glorifying culture, she will not be true to herself and will self censor her ambitions and her opinions maybe her whole self. She will be sacrificing the chance to live her authentic self in order to play the role like some masked figure in Greek drama. If she rejects these strict roles, she will be rejected by her culture. She might possibly wind up without a man because she does not cater to what men are looking for. A pretty face, a good figure, someone who pleases him in bed, someone who does not threaten his ego but actually stokes it. If a woman is just that a pretty face without much brain, well she’ll be rewarded with contentment

Most Greek women, in fact most women anywhere Latinas, Orientals, Arabs, they pimp up and pump up their femininity and play the doll to men who demand them that way. Greek men in fact most men don’t want their women smart, at least not smarter than they are. If you pay attention to the examples around you, you will find that the bigger the ego on the man the bigger his bank account and the bigger the boobs on his wife/girlfriend. Men don’t want women who are smart. Men want women to be beautiful before they are wise. They want boobs not brains. So if like Cassandra you have been blessed-cursed with intelligence over beauty, then cruel is your fate. You will be made to feel like a failure because the package is what is valued and not the goods inside. Of course, you feel ostracized and lonely because all of your other friends, although quite intelligent in their own right, have to play dumb or at least water down their true selves in order to get a man by their side. And let’s face it, the majority of Greek women are very materialistic. They want the man who can provide them with a huge house in the suburbs and two Mercedez, annual vacations to the Greek islands. So rather than struggle to do it their way, they settle for a man who overpowers them, who tells them what to do, just so they can say, “I am married to a wonderful Greek man.”

That is the question– How much do you dumb yourself into a doll to gain a man? How much of self slaughter is a man worth?

Cassandra, poor Cassandra, pulling her hair out. Not a single man would agree to marry such a nut who hysterically cries “Don’t get on that plane. Don’t marry that ass. You will kill yourself.”

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