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Aphrodite’s Bedroom

Intercultural Interview


Marriage in general is not easy, intercultural marriage is even more challenging .  Against the trend for the Greek community to marry among their own, we come across couples who have married outside their culture in some measure to escape their ...

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The Greek Love in Your Life: Interview with Linda and Nick

Nick and Linda Katsiotas

For insights into the love and marriage, we interviewed Linda Katsiotis, an Italian-American married to a Greek for over 32 years.  Linda has written about her marriage to Nick and Greek culture in her memoir Nifi, which we will be ...

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Like the site? Get the book!

cover for greekam girl

If you like the content you get here at www.greekamericangirl.com, now is the chance to get your copy of the book that started it all.   Here’s the scoop: At this point, anyone who considers herself Greek has seen the blockbuster ...

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Part II: Your Dream Wedding: a la Greque


  So, you have decided despite the cons to have your wedding in Greece.  What can you expect?  How do you go about arranging such an event?  What details do you have to attend to?  What are the Dos and ...

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Greek and Gay: One Woman’s Struggle


What is it like to be gay and Greek?  It’s not like Greeks from ancient times did not have the stereotype of liking a four letter word that begins with a “d” instead of a “c.”  But what if you ...

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