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Greek Crisis Changing Food Habits: Disappearing Fish, Fishermen and Obese Greek Kids


  The worsening economic crisis is hitting the Greek table in a big way. Fish, a staple, is disappearing and making way for cheaper meat alternatives. Fish has become a luxury item so much so that a kilo of grouper ...

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Thanksgiving on Paros

Real turkeys, the ones that got away, on a farm in Paros

This is the story of how an American spent Thanksgiving on Paros and was pleasantly surprised to find she was not the only one.  In fact, Paros, due to its long American presence makes a better locale to celebrate this ...

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Coffee Culture in Athens


Walking just one block on my way to catch a taxi, I have witnessed the full gamut of the coffee cult available to the coffee fiend in Athens.  I see two women carrying those handy cardboard cases to haul four ...

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3Quarters: Upcycling Tentes into Functional Handbags


Hints of eco-friendliness have finally made their way into Athens. A small sister and brother shop just a year old has struck on a simple but sustainable concept: instead of fabric, use recycled awning material and refashion it into trendy ...

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The Met Exhibit from Pergamon: Hellenistic Ecstatically Excellent

20160710_142721 (1)

If you have not had a chance to catch a glimpse of the treasures of the Hellenistic Age on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, you only have a week left.  This incredible collection brings together artifacts, statues, and ...

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