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Christopsomo: An Orthodox Christmas Tradition


Greece marks many important holidays with baking, especially with specific breads or pies.  Basilopita for St. Basil’s and New Year’s, tsoureki for Pascha, but there is also a favored bread for making before Christmas–Christopsomo or “Christ’s Bread.” An old Greek ...

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Finding Your Greek Roots


Have you ever tried to trace your genealogy? If you are of whole or part Greek descent, this can prove a bit elusive, especially since sites such as ancestry.com are geared toward catering to the Anglo Saxon American sort and ...

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The Necklace of Athena

necklace of athena

  Ever thought about reading a novel that’s a cross between Percy Jackson for adults and Margaret Atwood’s science futuristic tales? That’s what you have in Effrosyni Moschoudi, a native-born Greek author who has carved a fine niche for herself ...

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The Glory of Hellenistic Gold: Panagiottis Mitrogiannis Designs

Hellenistic snakewoman armband

  Greece has had outstanding fame as a producer of fine, hand-detailed jewelry. LaLaounis, Bulgari, Elena Votsi –these names are synonymous with fine craftsmanship, sophistication, and elegance. The tradition of fine jewelry dates to ancient times. Greek jewel design takes ...

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Cycladic Aesthetic: The Birth of Light

The veranda invites one for a sit and chat along with a cup of coffee

Cycladic style is marked by clean lines, cubist-type habitations, and a minimalism that is reflected in the design both outside and inside structures.  The materials used: Paleolithic marble stones, wood, and white-wash (asbestos in Greek which has nothing to do ...

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