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Paschal Lamb

You’d think after forty days of depriving yourself of decent human comestibles–pizza, hot dogs, souvlaki, turkey and Swiss sandwiches–you’d think my mother would have something decent prepared.  Something like roast beef or chicken with potatoes in the oven, pasticho or ...

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Greek vs. Hellene

Just like the debate between the terms “Latino” and “Hispanic”, there has been a long-brewing controversy over the terms “Greek” and “Hellene.”  Some people consider it insulting to be called “Greek” because they claim it makes reference to a derogatory ...

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Learning Greek History from the Parelasi (Greek Independence Day Parade)

“Are you going to the parelasi?” Ellen asks. “If it doesn’t rain. Last year we froze our butts off.” “Oh come on! Show your Greek pride. The Irish go to their parade, rain or shine. Where’s your patriotism?” “But, it’s ...

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Why Brawny Greek Men Wear Poofy Skirts and Shoes with Puffs

Have you ever wondered why we do the things we do the Greek way? Well, this column will hopefully shed some light on the dreaded “T” word–“Tradition.” Tradition to be Dissected: The Tsolia Outfit As a girl I remember visiting ...

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