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Top Places to Visit in Greece as a Greek Tourist


  Out of all the times I have visited Ellas, I have done so as a native daughter. I go back to see relatives, friends and family to the same regions and haunting grounds: Athens and its surroundings for my ...

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Female Creatures from Greek Mythology You Have Never Heard Of


Sure, you’ve heard of all the great monsters, heroes and gods/goddesses of Greek mythology, but here’s a rundown of some female creatures and bad-ass bad ones your Greek teacher might not have gone over:   KENTAURIDES Centaurs, those lusty half-men, ...

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The Greek Church Festival: A Greek American Institution

Greek Church Festival: A Greek American Phenomenon

If you grew up in the continental United States as a Greek American, your childhood must have included a visit to the neighborhood church festival. As the custom goes, each Orthodox church organizes an annual church festival that coincides with ...

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Women and the ancient Olympics


  Now that the Olympic Games in Rio are less than a month away, it is a good time for a history lesson. What many don’t know is that alongside the contests at Olympia, a separate festival in honor of ...

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The Battle of Salamis: The Battle that Saved Western Civilization

Wilhelm von Kaulbach, The Sea Battle of Salamis, 1868

It’s been years since the hype around the Hollywood blockbuster “300” simmered down. But for all its grotesque slow-mo blood baths, corny costumes, and exaggerated, (did I say exaggerated) scenes between Leonidas and Xerxes, the “300” at least put a ...

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