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Eating Fresh Lamb Meat at Pascha


If you are of Hellenic descent right about now, you are probably decompressing from overstuffing yourself with too much lamb.  The frenzy of getting all the details for the Pascha feast is over but the after-effects remain. The centerpiece of ...

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May Day or Protomagia: May 1st


May Day: May 1st The first of May in Greece, or “Protomaya,” as in many European countries is equivalent to our Labor Day in the States.  It is both a celebration of spring as well as labor.  The holiday probably ...

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Of Pride and Love: the Making of the Hymn of Kassiani

Saint Kassiani

Aah it’s Holy Week once again in our faith. The culmination of the high drama of Christs sacrifice for sinful humanity. The mono mythic story of stories of the god man takes center stage. Yet tucked away to the side ...

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Pascha Customs!


It’s right about that time when Greeks and other Orthodox Christians the world over make preparations for Pascha.  There are several tried-and-true customs wrapped up with the “feast of feasts,” the most important holiday of the liturgical year.  Of course, ...

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Marianne Celeste Dragon (nie Dragos)

This portrait is one of the oldest works made in Spanish colonial Louisiana. It constructs its young sitter Marianne Celeste Dragon as both marriageable and exquisitely French, from her sumptuous blue satin robe à la françaiseto her pearl-encrusted hair, dressed à la hérisson (in the “hedgehog” style), to the marble-topped gueridon—probably imported—at which she sits. Yet Dragon was mixed-race, born to a Greek immigrant father, who was a soldier and slave trader, a New Orleans free woman of color.

Check out this incredible bio of one of the most mystifying stories of Greek ancestry in the colonial US: Marianne Celeste Dragon.  She was the first Greek to be born in what is now the US, specifically in New Orleans ...

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