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Greek Diet curbs breast cancer (and most other types of cancer)


Good News! Eating Greek may fend off breast cancer. According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition from 2010, following a diet rich in fish, olive oil, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and legumes, and low in ...

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Chew Your Food!

chew your food

Don’t Forget to CHEW YOUR FOOD! We’ve all heard this repeatedly throughout our lives. As parents you’ve most likely said it many times to your kids. But do YOU actually do it? And while it goes without saying that chewing your ...

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3Quarters: Upcycling Tentes into Functional Handbags


Hints of eco-friendliness have finally made their way into Athens. A small sister and brother shop just a year old has struck on a simple but sustainable concept: instead of fabric, use recycled awning material and refashion it into trendy ...

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ONAR: Slow Fashion, Sustainability, and Finnish Greek Aesthetic Blend


ONAR is the ancient Greek word for “dream” or “oneiro.”  It is also a fashion house located in Helsinki’s design quarter, the dream made real of Greek-Finnish fashion designer Irene Kostas. “ONAR as a word reflects the spirit of my ...

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A Greek American Girl’s “Shoulds and Shouldn’ts” and other Cognitive Distortions


I recently had a conversation with a good friend (and yes, she was Greek!) about the “shoulds and shouldn’ts” that many Greek women (and non-Greek) have, that quietly and regularly intrude their daily thoughts. What are these “shoulds and shouldn’ts”? ...

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