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From Kitchen to Body: Ancient Greek Food Beauty Secrets


Food staples you keep in your cupboard are good for the stomach, but ancient Greek women used such food stuffs as yogurt, honey, olive oil to concoct beauty remedies.  With a bit of intuition, it is easy to turn food ...

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Pilates for Life

pilates (1)

 As Greek girls, we love the generosity in our breasts, but we hate the same in our butts. What can a girl do to keep from looking like Kiria Evangelio–you know, the widow in black that dresses in a podgia ...

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She’s Got Kati Garbi’s Eyes


Quick! What’s the sexiest feature on a GA girl’s face? Her eyes, of course! Greek girls have the best bedroom eyes, the ones that say “Come and play with me in the dark.” And if eyes are the windows to ...

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The Greek Goddess Pose


  I always try to pay attention to the synchronicity that goes on in my life; the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear related in some way but I have no idea how or why. So when I had a ...

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The Benefits of the Hellenic Booty


  The Hellenic body type, from this point onwards known as the “Hellenic booty,” is a common sighting on many Greek American women, esp. from a rear-end view. The apple bottom, or pear shape body type, with the bigger than ...

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