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Refusing Food at a Greek House: Bad Manners or Healthy Choice?

How can you stay true to your fitness and health goals but not offend your welcoming Greek host? Roula Marinos Papmihail has the answers.

      Rewind a few years back –my husband and I were dating. I went to my then future mother-in-law’s house often and she offered food often. I usually refused. Being young, in love and oblivious to all other ...

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Liquid Gold: Varieties of Greek Wild Honey

Thyme flowers. (1)

“Meli”, Greek for honey, has had an ancient history of antiseptic and nutritional benefits. What do you think kept the gods of Olympus immortal—they were sipping on “ambrosia” a honeyed fermented drink. The Nordic gods picked this up from the ...

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Koukles with Boukles: Greek Girls with Curls: Tips and Options


For as long as I can remember I have had a bad hair day. Almost every spontaneous photo of myself from grade school on up has been ruined due to my frizzy curly out if control hair. I hate it. ...

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Greek American women and the men who love them


With the madness of the Christmas season upon is, you might be in a fix about what to get the special women in your life. Our friends at cafepress.com have designed a series of witty Greek- inspired tees and shirts ...

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Donkey Milk: An Ancient Greek Secret

donkeys milk soap

Girls, the Greek skin care secret is not a secret if it’s been around since ancient times. Milk does a body good both inside and out. We’ve heard of goat’s milk helping skin be supple, soft and smooth. But donkey ...

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