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Nightmares in the Saudi Arabian Desert: Intimate Profile of Alexandra Symeonidou

Alexandra Simeonidou and the Arabian sheik she married, a fairy tale romance that turned into a nightmare

She was brutally beaten, almost to the point of death. She was isolated, wrenched away from her family in Athens. She practically disappeared into the Saudi desert, unable to seek refuge from the constant physical and emotional abuse inflicted on ...

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ONAR: Slow Fashion, Sustainability, and Finnish Greek Aesthetic Blend


ONAR is the ancient Greek word for “dream” or “oneiro.”  It is also a fashion house located in Helsinki’s design quarter, the dream made real of Greek-Finnish fashion designer Irene Kostas. “ONAR as a word reflects the spirit of my ...

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A Greek Rep for Toronto’s Greektown: Mary Fragedakis

Mary Fregedakis

How much do you know about our neighbor up north, i.e. Canada? Take this 3 question quiz to see how much you don’t. 1 How much of Canada exports go to the US? A 25% B 50% C 75%   ...

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Daedalus of Design: Despina Papadopoulos

DSC_0262 (1)

Sneakers that click like high heels,  t-shirts networked in circuits that measure individual sweat output, coats fashioned after Aristophanes’ Symposium speech they light up and purr when they meet their other half, Afghani artisan toolkits, the esoteric philosophy of Heraclitus, ...

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Yoga as a path for happiness: Irene Damanakis

"Only when you can turn your world upside down by performing a handstand,  can you do things that you thought were impossible to do" Irene Damanaki, yoga practitioner and trainer

“If I can stand upside down and can control my core so much that I am a straight line, there is nothing I can’t do,” says Irene Damanaki as she limbers her body into a vertical headstand. Acutely focused on ...

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