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Yoga as a path for happiness: Irene Damanakis

"Only when you can turn your world upside down by performing a handstand,  can you do things that you thought were impossible to do" Irene Damanaki, yoga practitioner and trainer

“If I can stand upside down and can control my core so much that I am a straight line, there is nothing I can’t do,” says Irene Damanaki as she limbers her body into a vertical headstand. Acutely focused on ...

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Mosaic of Greek Women of the Diaspora: Litsa Karathanassis from Jordan


NAME: Litsa Karathanassis WHERE IN THE WORLD: Amman, Jordan Briefly narrate the story of your life.  How did you get to Jordan? In Nov 1960 I was born in Jordan. My grandparents were from Asia Minor and they moved to ...

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Eleni Sikelianos: Utopia Via Poetry

Photo portrait of Eleni Sikelianos
Credit: Laird Hunt

Eleni Sikelianos: Is a Poet Born or Made?  Is a poet born or made?  That was one of the questions posed to the famed poet Eleni Sikelianos, a third-generation Greek-American writer whose ancestry includes Nobel-nominated  Greek poet Angelos Sikelianos on ...

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Jazzy Greek Vocalist Nancy Goudinaki

Photo by Kyle Pompey

What’s the difference between a singer and a vocalist? “If you listen you will understand,” Nancy Goudinaki explains. In fact, if you listen to the title track of Nancy Goudinaki’s  debut CD, “I Wanna Be Your Star,” you will quickly ...

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Aliki Theofilopoulos: a Greek-American female voice in animation


  In honor of International (Greek) Women’s Day here at www.greekamericangirl.com we have the pleasure of sharing our interview with our own Greek American girl, Aliki Theofilopoulos. In her intimate interview, she spoke the truth about the struggles of making ...

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