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Greek Girls Can Paint: A Talk With Kathy Bubaris and Paintgirl Studio

Bronze damask on metallic plaster

When you hear painter, you probably imagine a middle-aged Greek guy with an accent driving a van named “Ares Construction” (or something like that) in blue overalls and a baseball cap splattered with white paint, right?  Well not always.  We ...

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Dr Joan Vernikos: Stress and Gravity for


“Stress is a good thing,” says Dr. Joan Vernikos, “if you know how to use it.   It is a stimulus.  Gravity is also a stimulus. If we do not use it, we die.” These are some of the mystifying conclusions ...

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Orianthi: Aussie Greek Girl Rocks Glamourous


Greek Girls Rock! Yes, we knew that already, but one Aussie Greek gal actually rocks it for real.  We are talking about Orianthi smoldering guitarista, glam girl to stars like ZZ Top, Carlos Santana, Carrie Underwood, Michael Jackson, Prince, Carrie ...

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Dina Titus: Greek American Congresswoman of Atomic Proportions

Dina Titus, a real Greek American woman in Congress

Greek Americans have had a long history in politics.  But most names have belonged to men.  Except for now.   We finally have a Greek American woman in the White House!   Of course, we are talking about our girl, Dina Titus, ...

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Creating Opportunity Through Crisis: SEGE Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs


The Chinese character for crisis is the same as the character for “chance” or “opportunity.”  In that case, the concept would not be lost in translation if we are talking about the issue of female entrepreneurship in Greece and beyond.  ...

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