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Greeks of a Different Color: Anneta Koromvli Mukuka

Annetta (left) and friend in traditional Greek Amalia costumes

Greeks are travelers.  And sometimes when they travel to foreign exotic places they fall in love.  Then, they get married. And then, they have babies.  And then that baby grows up to be a half-Greek half-whatever hybrid mix.  In that ...

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Maria Kanellis: The Wrestling Star your Dad Never Told you About

Maria Kanellis, a babe by anyone's standards

There’s something about Greeks and wrestling.  Never mind that wrestling was invented by the ancient Greeks and was a prized Olympic sport.  In America, in my house we grew up hugging the set when WWF broadcast the likes of Rowdy ...

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The Secret Life of Bees Goes Public: Niki Koustsiana and APIVITA

CEO of APIVITA Niki Koutsiana at home in her pharmacy lab where she concocts cosmetics from the most natural of Greek herbs and bee products
Image Credit: www.fortunegreece.com

Niki Koustsiana is not immediately recognizable as a name, but tell any Greek woman the brand name APIVITA and her lights will brighten up.  “The best natural skin and hair products in Greece,” Eleni  gives her opinion at the APIVITA ...

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Captain Karen Tsiantas: A Navy Officer and a Hellenic American Woman

KT and sign (2)

What would is it like to be a Greek American woman working for the US military?  That is the question greekamericangirl.com posed to Captain Karen A. Tsiantas.  With a long career (26 years and counting) in the US Navy, Capt ...

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The Birth of ZOOS Mountain Teas: An Intimate Interview with Kristina Tsipouras

Zooz Teas: Greek is the new green

As Greeks, we have grown up with a huge variety of herbal teas.  The two most popular herbs that Yia-Yia has in her kitchen are chamomile and “tsai tou vounou.”  While chamomile is known in other cultures and places, “tsai ...

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