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You Know You’re Greek When . . .


You Know You’re Greek if… (thanks to my Facebook friends group called “Greeks Invented Everything” for the list You make frappe before leaving home, when getting to the office, after lunch, when having guests, before the guests leave, after the ...

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Yiayia’s Disapproval


Click here to see the full Youtube video Yiayia’s disapproval Check out this Athenos brand commercials. Isn’t this typical of a Greek yiayia?  So sweet but so nasty and upfront when they have to be.  I can still see mine ...

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Losing my Glossa

Losing My Glossa

Here’s a dose from the memoir, Being a Greek American Girl. Podcast 1: Losing my Glossa, from Chapter 6.  

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Top Ten List for Bad Yiayia


The Greek yiayia is a force to be reckoned with.  There are definitely perks to being a matriarch.  Here’s the top 10 list for Bad Yiayia: Bad Yiayia 10 Yiayia doesn’t follow any rules.  “Can’t skip the police line yiayia, ...

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Buzzfeed gets it right: 7 things others get wrong about Greek Americans

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