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It’s your Saint’s Day

Yearly Beloved Podcast Begins


  Dearly beloved, Welcome to my latest spiritual exercise–“Yearly Beloved.” In an effort to become more prayerful, I am starting a new project— to broadcast a meditation for each day of the Orthodox calendar. Sometimes I will reflect on the ...

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Veterans Day Salute to Saint Menas

Icon depicting Saint Menas' incredible appearance during the 2nd Battle of El Alamein, a decisive victory for the Allies that changed the course of the North African campaign in WW2

Today on Veterans Day, we commemorate St. Menas, the soldier-saint. It is fitting then that a miracle from his life ties the two events together. St. Menas, an Egyptian by birth, was a military officer and served in the Kotyaeion ...

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Massacre and Martrydom: The Battle between Light and Dark in the Human Heart

Christ embracing the Innocent Martyrs

In this icon fresco the casual observer witnesses a massacre.  Mass violence perpetrated by one group of people on another.  So many massacres have happened, not only in Church history, but throughout history. A quick turn through every church brings ...

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The Mystery of Eleusis and Christ


In preparation for a children’s book I am writing, I have been forced to do a lot of research on the mystery cults of ancient Greece, especially the Eleusinian Mysteries. I have been overwhelmed with the psychic power of these ...

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God is “Dog” Spelled Backwards


Many people I know who profess to be pious and who try to follow the ways of God have expressed a universal feeling that we are living through the beginning of the end. No one knows exactly when the end ...

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