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It’s your Saint’s Day

The Holy Spirit Enlightens Eyes and Tongues


This week as we commemorate the descent of the Holy Spirit, I muse about the mystery of expression, the capacity for clear thinking, and the limits of human knowledge without this Spirit. I like to think myself a writer and ...

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Ancient First Ecumenical Council vs. Modern Pan-Orthodox Council


Today we commemorate the First Ecumenical Council of Nicea. The 318 fathers of the church came together at the request of Constantine the Great to combat the heresy of Arianism and other issues pertinent to the church.  It was at ...

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Princess turned Nun: Life of Princess Ileana of Romania then Mother Alexandra

Princess Ileana

Here’s an unconventional life:  A princess, great-grand daughter of Queen Victoria of England and Czar Alexander II of Russia, twice divorced, founder of the European equivalent of the Girls’ Scouts, gives up her pampered princess life to found and direct ...

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The Beauty of Good Friday and the Epitafios

Tinos, Cyclades

Thanks to a Twitter campaign of @greekkidproblems, we are spreading the beauty of the epitafios tradition from Greek churches all over the US (well most of them anyway.)  Who says Greek Americans don’t keep the epitafios traditions? Neither rain, nor ...

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The Meaning of Passion Week

passion week1

When I was a little girl, my pappou and yiayia took me away for a brief vacation on the island of Aegina. (It was really an excuse to wrench me away from the agony of living with the reality that ...

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