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It’s your Saint’s Day

St Osyth of Chich


Strange things happen in October.  Scary stories of headless horsemen and walking dead abound.  But have you heard of the life of St. Osyth?  If you can’t even pronounce her name, you probably have not.  Hers is a perfect Halloween ...

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The Ladder of Heavenly Unity: St Catherine’s Monastery of Sinai

Viewing the sunrise from the Holy Summit of Sinai has been likened to seeing the creation of the world.

  The Ladder of Heavenly Unity Continuing Orthodox monasticism’s oldest unbroken tradition, Sinai monks still liturgize, shoeless, over the roots of the Burning Bush. On the holy ground where Moses was commanded to remove his sandals – together with all ...

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St Hermione: A Superhero Saint of Epic Proportions

st hermione

The name Hermione was made famous in a popular culture kind of way by the loyal morally upright super heroine of Harry Potter fame. Bur her Christian namesake is herself a superhero. St. Hermione has  life story would no doubt ...

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St Efthimios Keratsini and the Mission to Madagascar: Greeks in Need Giving to the Needy


In a non-descript,  lower middle class section outside the port of Pireaus stands the cathedral of St Efthimios of Keratsini.  On first glance it appears like so many neighborhood churches, looming in its red clay Byzantine shingles and arched doorways, ...

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The Blessed Macrina of Odigitria Monastery

The blessed Macrina of eternal memory founder of Odigitria Monastery in Portaria near Volos, Greece

Gerontissa Macrina of Odigitria Monastery, “the All-holy Directress,” in Portaria, Greece has gotten a lot of press since she died in 1995.  She has been recognized for her sanctity by two recently canonized saints.  According to The Blessed Makrina Project, ...

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