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You’ve got issues

The Tale of Two Friendships: Why Greek Female Friendships Don’t Last

Why can't female friendships last as long as male?

I have noticed a big difference between the way men hold onto friendships and the way women do. I can point to anecdotal evidence for the present until I dig into further research. My little brother, single but happy, has ...

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Greek Americans, Go Trump Yourselves

Trumps and Greek American supporters

How many Greek-Americans support Trump? Gathering from the four staff members of Greek American descent Trump has appointed and the controversial loudmouth, right-wing supporter Milo Yiannopoulos, I’d venture to say “too many.”  It seems that Trump has found many eager ...

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The Love/Hate Relationship with My Greek Culture

Hellenic Tattoos

Being greek is a lot like being bipolar without a formal diagnosis. Now after a season of living in the epicenter of global Greek culture, Athens, I have become even more bipolar than when I started.  The benefit of living ...

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Greek Etiquette

Greek etiquette

Just because you say you’re Greek or grew up Greek style does not mean you know how to act like a Greek when you’re in Athens. After 30 years of living in the States, well, you get unused to the ...

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The Greek Public Sector or “To Dimosio”


  Ask any man or woman on the street what associations she/he has with the word “dimosio” and you get some of these examples: Incompetence Nepotism Laziness Vlakies-idiots Lamoya Eleos (For God’s sake) Red tape Bureaucracy Sketi malakia Skata-shit Or ...

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