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You’ve got issues

The Greek Public Sector or “To Dimosio”


  Ask any man or woman on the street what associations she/he has with the word “dimosio” and you get some of these examples: Incompetence Nepotism Laziness Vlakies-idiots Lamoya Eleos (For God’s sake) Red tape Bureaucracy Sketi malakia Skata-shit Or ...

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Greek Women Battle Breast Cancer


  Breast cancer is a looming destiny for 1 out of 8 women, and in some areas, such as Nassau County, for 1 out of every 4.  It is an issue that unites all women, no matter what age, race, ...

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A Movement Needs a Revolution not a one-woman show


After almost 12 years of running this site, it is time to move on. I have tried to further the cause of Hellenism and sisterhood in one place but without the financial or spiritual support to keep it going, I ...

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An American in Athens: Customer Service


  Customer service in Greece is an oxymoron. It tends to run in the bipolar direction. Either you have it all or none. Sometimes salespeople, agents and others gloat over you, following you around the store, pouncing at you “Thelete ...

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Chapter 1: An American in Athens: Driving

greek drivers

Driving Just because you have a license from the US does not give you permission to drive in Greece.  That’s because what you have grown up used to in the States does not apply.  If you actually do the logical ...

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