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You’ve got issues

Iphigenia: The Cycle Breaker


As a Greek, I know a lot about dysfunctional families.  I mean, we Greeks started the idea that drama starts in families and that the roots of how the universe turns out is tied to the intimate relationships that take ...

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The Mania Demon Inside


  There is a demon that lives in me.  That does not let me be.  It rouses me to go fetch the mail, open it in an avalanche of paper—bank statements folded in quarters, credit card statements in triplicate, offers ...

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The Lenten Fast and Cheese Doodles


    We have started the Lenten fast (again!) In Orthodoxy if you calculate it, the year gets broken down the middle: 180 days of fast and 180 days of feast.  “Oh you are a member of that fasting religion,” ...

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Yiayia and Me: An Ice Age of Difference


After reading Constance Callinicos American Aphrodite, I have delved into a deeply reflective cave both liberated and shackled by the truth of the female Greek American experience as expressed on the pages and recalled in my own life.  Her depiction ...

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Growing Up Greek Style: The Phenomenon of Success behind a Greek Aussie Gal’s Love of Culture

Memes from Growing Up Greek Style: nostalgia, pride and poking fun at growing up Greek

If you are on Facebook or Instagram, no doubt you have seen it–posts from Growing Up Greek Style.  This is an Instagram community with close to 24K followers and over 115K followers on Facebook.  If you measure success by followers, ...

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