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You’ve got issues

When Baba Makes Less than Mamma


The wage disparity between men and women is an old story. According the most recent reports in the US, women earn 78 cents for every dollar made by a man. But, parallel to these statistics is the growing rate of ...

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Refusing Food at a Greek House: Bad Manners or Healthy Choice?

How can you stay true to your fitness and health goals but not offend your welcoming Greek host? Roula Marinos Papmihail has the answers.

      Rewind a few years back –my husband and I were dating. I went to my then future mother-in-law’s house often and she offered food often. I usually refused. Being young, in love and oblivious to all other ...

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Are Greeks too materialistic? A Moral Lesson brought to you by Crates of Thebes and Hipparchia of Maroneia


  Let’s be honest—Greeks love the good life—partying, scrumptious dinners, vacations and journeys to the Greek islands back and forth.  Greek women put a lot of effort into their physical appearance—all that bling-bling with the diamond rings, fancy hairdos, designer ...

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New Year’s Resolution: To Keep the Faith


So paidia, these are the last days of the year. A time to reflect on what has happened, how we have changed (or not) and make commitments to improve ourselves and our world. Another year. For some of us getting ...

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Why I Left the USA and Moved to Greece (and you should too)

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“You’re crazy,” they tell me. “Everybody is trying to get out of Greece and you are trying to go back?” “What are you going to do over there? There are no jobs, there’s massive unemployment. The country is in a major ...

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