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St Thomais patron saint against adultery

Having trouble staying faithful in your marriage?  Maybe you are getting tempted to stray?  Adulterous passion is a hard feeling to overcome.  That’s why you have to start praying to the saint of the day, St. Thomais.  Thomais was born in Alexandria to pious parents.  At 15, she was married to an honorable man.  The problems came when she moved in with him to his house.  You see her father-in-law became lecherously obsessed with her.  Even though he was an old man, his lustful passions for his daughter-in-law he could not contain.

When her husband would go away for business, Thomais would be left alone to struggle against the advances of this “father.”  He tried more than once to seduce her. Once cornering her in her room, she only managed to slip out of his hands by appealing to the laws of God.  Mad with lust, the old man attacked her with a knife and slit her throat and then cut her in two.  At once the wrath of God struck him blind.  As he could not find the way to leave out of the room, he was apprehended red handed.  Found guilty in the court of law, he was sentenced to death.

Eventually an ascetic named Daniel transferred the remains of St. Thomais to Scetis and buried them in the cemetery there.

St. Thomais is the patron of those who suffer to preserve marital fidelity and chastity and a protector of marriage.  With 41% as the number of marriages where one or both spouses admit to infidelity according to statisticbrain.com, I think many of should start praying.