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Who’s Poker Facing Grexit?


Here we go again.  The poker game of Euro-politics.  Is it Tsipras who is bluffing, withholding the payback due card in his deck? Or is it Merkel and her finance minister bluffing about the trump that would throw Greece out of the Euro?  Would it be so disastrous to kick Greece out of the Euro especially since a Grexit scenario has already been calculated on a profit-loss sheet?  Would it be a zombie apocalypse a la Greque since according to a recent poll, more than 50% of Greeks say they’d be better off without the Euro, thank you?   It’s hard to tell who is bluffing whom.

Or is it a game of chess?  One side counting on the move of the other to call checkmate?

 I’m sick of the whole thing.  It’s a dirty game, whether you are a far-left man of the people or a staunch fiscal autocrat.  It’s power puffed up by pride waiting for a lapse in resolve.  Let’s lay down our cards, gentleman. Even the ones we have hiding under our sleeves.  The people of the country that invented democracy are tired of this back-and-forth.  We just want to go on with this tourist season enjoy the beach with a cool long frappe. The common people want their country back after 7 years of lean.