God/dess Retreats in Ios, Cyclades

Connect to your most sacred self through the elements in raw nature, guided embodiment exercises, multimodal art activities, and the wisdom of the mythical archetypes.  

Greece, the birthplace of many gods, many ideas, and many artforms.  The Cyclades are magical ring of islands where the god of the arts, light, and order, Apollo, was born with his twin sister Artemis, goddess of the hunt.   Connect with others who are looking for their deeper selves in the beauty of the Cyclades, white and blue, pristine, elemental. Ios island, formed from some of the oldest stones of the Earth, has strong energy and magnetic waves.  Channeling the forces of the wind, sun earth, and sea, we will connect with the sacred god/dess within. 

Activities Offered on the Retreat

Combine the beauty of elemental nature with the creativity in your mind and the guidance of your mentor for a transformative rejuvenating week of self exploration

Your Facilitator & Guide

I am a Greek-American who, like Persephone, lives half the year in New York City and the other half in Greece. My family has roots in the Cyclades dating back for centuries.   I have taught writing, mythology, poetry, encaustic painting, photography to children, teens and adults for over 20 years. I am a writer, photographer, and active encaustic artist whose work has appeared in group shows in Long Island City and Chelsea.  I am seeking  registration as an expressive arts consultant and educator (REACE) with IEATA, the International Expressive Arts Therapy Association. I have received training in art therapy, drama therapy, eco-therapy and music therapy. I combine expressive arts into more than one modality and tap into mythic archetypes to awaken the deep self. I make my retreats fun, creative, connective, and meaningful.

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