Expressive Arts Retreat: The Psychikon Askleperion

Expressive Arts Retreat: The Psychikon Askleperion

The most famous healing center of the ancient world was the sanctuary of Asklepios in Kos and Epidauros.  This spiritual spa of sorts treated the physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual facets of a patient; it took a truly holistic approach to health.  Returning to this model mind/body integration, I have established the Psychikon Askleperion, a sanctuary of the soul on the Cycladic Island of Paros. It serves as a private all-inclusive expressive arts retreat

Our Askleperion provides an idyllic natural setting overlooking the Aegean Sea for week-long retreats, workshops, classes, lectures and drop-in sessions.  Here surrounded by raw nature in its quintessential elements—sea,  sky, wind, sun, mountain, earth—participants connect to their spiritual and emotional core.  By engaging in an eclectic assortment of expressive art therapies and fine arts, participants can heal, transform, dream, and rejuvenate. Our Askleperion is designed in the traditional Cycladic aesthetic with smooth white stone structures and clean minimal lines.

A typical day at the Askleperion might include:

  • An eco-walk to forage for and learn about wild herbs to be used in preparation of herbal infusions later in the afternoon
  • A walking meditation/movement therapy to salute the sun as the light-bearer and Eos, the goddess of the dawn, to set intention for the day
  • Dream journaling and dream incubation
  • Poetic centering session that prods participants to explore their feelings and uncover deep imagery
  • Breakfast that features local organic ingredients from our farm—goat milk, roasted Greek coffee, dry rusks, goat cheese, olives, yogurt, figs and other fruits of the season
  • Hydrotherapy: bathing in the sea and sun
  • Workshop on Hellenic culture based on interests of group: embodying the god/dess through drama and movement; learning about the philosophy of the ancients; poetry and literature inspired by Greek tropes
  • Healing Transgenerational Trauma through Drama: workshop to analyze specific Greek plays, to explore their insights for human behavior, family dynamics, the hero’s journey. Through psychodramatic techniques we will extract the wisdom that ancient Greek thought has to give our lives at the present.
  • Photographing form: walking through the Old Town “Chora” we will use our camera lens as a third eye. We analyze what we see and how it reveals who we are. We search to find the abstraction of forms in ancient Cycladic shapes; we freeze the light and study its effects on the landscape across the daily cycle.  We learn composition techniques to focus on forms and shapes inherent in Cycladic aesthetic.
  • Plein Air Drawing/Painting: The Cyclades offer one of the most vibrant sunset opportunities for painters After basic demonstrations of technique, participants will paint their own landscape skyscapes using materials provided
  • Encaustic painting workshop: learn the ancient technique of enkaustikos that uses melted wax and damar resin to spread pigments on wood or other porous surfaces
  • Dinner sampling various traditional fish and vegetable dishes with wine and discussion about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet
  • Herbal Infusion Workshop: using the foraged herbs on our morning walk we will learn about the health benefits and preparation of most common herbs of the region and create our own herbal infusions

Our expressive arts retreat offerings can be tailored to your needs and interests. Expressive arts retreats are scheduled on a weekly basis from April to September and can run from $2000 to $3500 per week.

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