Greek Diet and Culinary Workshops

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Greek Diet and Culinary Workshops

Greece is known for the longevity of its people. It is one of the places marked as a Blue Zone, where 1 in 3 live over 100 in places such as Crete and Ikaria.  The Greek diet has been touted as one of the reasons for this longevity. It is one of the healthiest in the world. Besides this, Greek food is famous the world over for its taste, freshness and healthy ingredients.  What better way to get to know it than by taking Greek diet and culinary workshops while you are on vacation?

Culinary workshops will break down the reasons for what accounts for the success of the Mediterranean diet.  What does a Greek diet comprise of?  We will then go through some staple dishes and recipes.  All workshops include some form of hands-on demonstration with fresh, local organic ingredients.

I craft a variety of workshops on various aspects on the Hellenic culinary tradition depending on the season and the needs of the group/individual.

These workshops include drop-in guest speakers and experts.  Some of the past workshops showcased:

  • Quick and Easy Greek Meals: local housewives demonstrate the three most essential Greek dishes inside their kitchens
  • Greek Cheese (includes tour of local cheese factory)
  • varieties of Greek wine (includes tour of local winery)
  • the benefits of Greek yogurt (talk and hands-on yogurt-making class)
  • Greek baking (making bread and traditional sweets in a traditional outdoor wood stove)

All workshops include hands-on demonstrations, tours of local establishments (including cheese factory, winery, bakery), all ingredients, tastings and equipment.

They typically range from 2-4 hours and cost $100 per person.

There is nothing like food to get acquainted with a culture. Book your workshop today!  Fill in this form to tell me about your interest and I will email you more details.

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