Greek Myth & Culture

Greek Myth & Culture

What better opportunity to indulge in your fantasies of becoming a Greek god/dess than while experiencing  Greece!

In this series of workshops we learn about Greek mythology and culture by embodying the gods.  Using drama, poetry, literature, and music, we enact the stories that are so embedded in our collective consciousness.  Here are some examples of past workshops:

-Drama Enactment: in pairs/groups we read, discuss and enact a mythological story based on the themes that the group wants to explore. We deconstruct the mythic archetypes in these stories and bring out the wisdom that they offer for us even in our present day.

Muse Musings: we gather in a circle and using sacred mythic texts from Hesiod, Homer, and modern Greek poets alluding to myth, we journal, dream and discuss their significance and the impact on our lives.  We write our own musings to the myths and create our own poetry along with musical accompaniment with these stories as an inspiration.

Portrait of the Themis/ Justitia – God of divine JusticeNotes: Sword and Scales are authentic antique pieces. Grain Added.Phrase on building behind is part of a generic latin proverb.

Cosplay with Greek Mythology/Photo Enactment: using ancient costumes, props and other creative embellishments, we recreate still shots or tableux of the myths and immortalize them using photography.  Think about it as Cosplay with Greek Mythology.  What a better background than the blue and white of the Cycladic islands!  We bring the myths alive in the landscape that birthed them.  Photographic images are rendered by a professional photographer.

God/dess Intuition: calling on our deepest intuition we delve into the future of our lives and our intentions guided by the wisdom of the deity that speaks to us.  Through guided imagery and meditation, we embody and bring to consciousness the wisdom that a particular god/dess brings to us.

-Tragedy/Comedy: by examining select passages from classic ancient Greek drama, both tragedy and comedy, as well as poetry, we will explore their beauty, timelessness, and wisdom.     We will be guided to create our own skits using these texts as models.

Interested? Shoot  us a quick note and we will send you more info including times, dates, and prices.

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