Soap Making and Herbal Infusion Workshops

Soap Making and Herbal Infusion Workshops

Greece has had a long tradition of herbal medicine and herbal infusions.  For hundreds of years villagers were creating their own soaps and herbal infusions based on locally-grown, naturally wild, hand-foraged plants and herbs.  Using traditional recipes with extra virgin olive oil, I will show you how to make goat’s milk soap infused with herbs from the Greek countryside in aire libre.  I lead workshops on creating fun bath bombs, foot fizzies and natural cosmetics– made with ingredients we forage for on the seaside literally the day of the workshop.  These include lemon-honey moisturizing cream,  pomegranate sugar scrubs, and Aegean sea salt daily cleanser.  These make perfect gifts to bring home to loved ones. Relax tired muscles in a bath infused with organic wild-foraged herbs from the countrysides of Hellas, leave skin silky with artisanal soap made from traditional recipes from yiayia’s time.   Your all-natural soaps carry only 100% natural oils such as extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado and jojoba oil, and goat milk, (yes! not just good to eat but great to bathe in. Cleopatra’s beauty secret).

Golden sun flower, helichrysum, or immortale blooms when the sun is at its peak around the summer solstice in June on the Cyclades. We teach how to use this as well as other native herbs to make infusions, natural beauty products, and herbal medicines.

You will use the herbs and sand you forage from the Cyclades to make your own natural beauty products. What a better way to bring back the summer?  These make perfect souvenir gifts to take back to family and friends as keepsakes of your stay in the sun-soaked Mediterranean.  

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