Traditional Hellenic Arts and Crafts

Traditional Hellenic Arts and Crafts

Greece has a long history of traditional crafts and folk arts. Acting as guide, I connect guests and travelers to local artisans and crafters for an intimate encounter with the living arts and crafts of Greece.  Hellenic arts and crafts include:

  • rug weaving on a loom
  • yarn and wool making
  • pottery
  • lace and embroidery
  • beeswax candle making
  • flower wreaths
  • fish net making
  • marble sculpting
  • iconography

These insider looks into traditional art and craft making can be arranged during any of your stays on the Greek islands of the Aegean with enough advance notice. These experiences allow you to get an insider’s look into the techniques of traditional craftsmen and women at their trade.  Your experience will typically include:

  • directions or accompaniment to the home or workshop of the craftsman/woman
  • personal demonstration of the craft
  • opportunity to try your hand at the craft
  • lecture and question and answer period with craftsperson
  • souvenir craft to take home

These intimate experiences can range from 1 to 3 hours, depending on the location and interest. Prices range from $50-$150 per person.

Please drop me a message to express interest in which type of art and craft you are interested in experiencing.  In your note include times and dates:


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