Situated in a small hamlet in the northeastern part of Ios island, Aghia Theodoti is pristine, peaceful, and very private.  Our villa is secluded at the top of a hill overlooking the bay. It features an all-stone veranda of umber and copper stones precisely aligned with small niches that opens up to the Aegean Sea. The acoustics from this vantage point are such that you can hear the gentle lull of the breaking waves as background music.  Most of our embodiment work will happen here.   In the mornings, you will eat breakfast, figs, goat cheese, rusks, fresh fruit and roasted Greek coffee, in the shade of the grotto.

The villa itself is designed in typical Cycladic style–white stucco walls. minimal lines–with wall niches for shelves.  It is divided into two levels: kitchen, living room, dining area on one level, bedrooms and bathrooms on the second level.  Each bedroom features a window with a view to the sea.  The salon features a fireplace and open concept, airy space.  Minimally furnished, the villa gives guests the freedom to recreate their lives as a sort of blank slate.







The journey of self-discovery awaits in the sheltered sanctuary of soul tucked on the eastern shore of Ios, Cyclades.

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irene Archos

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