Writing and Writing Workshops

Writing and Writing Workshops

Writing has saved my life.  And has helped me make a living.  I have worked as a writing workshop leader, English teacher, and journalist for the major part of my life. I have freelanced for several publications, mostly about issues of identity and women’s affairs, but also business, real estate, travel and the arts.  I started this blog 15 years ago as a way to add a feminine perspective to media coverage for my ethnic group.  I am able to deliver marketing material, speech, and in-depth researched articles to align to clients’ needs.
Additionally, I have used writing as a therapeutic tool to treat trauma in at-risk youth and vulnerable populations.  I bring the power that creativity has for healing for individuals, teams, and organizations.  I create and deliver workshops, training sessions, and classes to help with interpersonal and intra-psychic  awareness, group functioning, and team building.

Examples of projects:

-Writing down your life: Memoir for the Third Age: a workshop series of six weeks guiding participants through the writing process and story-telling that will culminate in a visual and verbal memoir chapter
Objective: to capture memories as living legacies and heirlooms for ourselves
Therapeutic Focus: How do I come to terms with the course of my life, my circumstances and my choices?
Writing to Save Your Life: through a series of dramatic and writing exercises, youth and those who have experienced trauma will retell the tales of survival
Therapeutic Focus: to re-storify the telling of a traumatic experience to aid in catharsis and emotional processing
-Who am I?: explorations of identity and personal truth via a series of artistic projects: dream journals, vision boards, physical meditations, collage, psychodramatic encounters
Therapeutic Focus: discovering the path within, identifying one’s personal truth, making sense of personal choices
If you are interested in organizing a workshop for your group, please contact me via email greekamgirl@gmail.com

For examples of my work, check out my online portfolio: clippings.me/irenearchos

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