Amphitrite’s Froth Bath Bomb Fizzy


Our bombs are so luscious and soothing, they turn your bathtub into a Greek beach! Olive and coconut oils envelope the body and coat it in richness, natural herbs and essential oils seep into the warm water to release their calming and healing scents bringing relief, serenity, centeredness and balance back to stressed body and soul.

Our product line features herbs and oils infused with our proprietory blend of essential oils. The oils we use are extra virgin coconut oil or sunflower oil, the most nourishing for the skin, which we infuse with a homemade blend of nettles, eucalyptus, thyme, chamomile depending on the bomb. These macerated oils we leave to slowly seep in the warmth of the Aegean sun for several weeks before adding them to the recipes.

For decoration, each bath bomb might have ground flax seeds, lavender seeds, poppy seeds, ground olive pits, seaweed, Mediterranean sea salts, helichrysum (amaranthine), mallow, St John’s wort, thyme, oregano, lemon zest, orange zest.

Each bomb is unique but can include thyme, nettle, coffee, lavender, eucalyptus, calendula, chamomile, mallow, flax, spearmint, St John’s wort, rose, lemon seeds, even ground olive pits to exfoliate.

The fragrances in our bombs will wisp you away to a sun-drenched beach in the Cyclades; an olive grove wafting with sweet orange, lavender, and wild flowers; we customize the fragrances to include ylang ylang, lemon, bergamot, jasmine, gardenia, vanilla, rose, clary sage.

Great for baptism and wedding favors.



The consort to the mighty god of the sea, Poseidon, was Amphitrite. She plays in the froth of the sea surrounded by the myriad of sea nymphs, her daughters.  Our Amphitrite’s Froth Bath Bomb soothes your senses with a luscious extra supply of extra virgin coconut oil and the divine aroma of lavender and ocean mist.  Infused with nettle and eucalyptus tea, it provides calming relief to overtaxed nerves.  Frolic like the sea nymphs in the comfort of your own bath with our bath bomb fizzy and let the sea take your troubles away.

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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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