Hera’s Lavender Mantle Bath Bomb


Lavender calms the spirit and balances out negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, disappointment, all the ones that are brought on by the stress of relationships.

Let Hera’s Lavender Mantle cover you with the soft soothing elixir that lavender is for body and soul.



Hera, Queen of the Gods, before Aphrodite, was the most beautiful of the goddesses even if she had a bad temper and was prone to stubborn fits of rage brought on by the stress of being married to a philandering husband.  The bath bomb inspired by the Queen of the Gods and Zeus’ All-Powerful Wife brings the soothing relaxing fragrance of bergamot, sweet orange, lime, lemongrass, and tangerine essential oils.  But it’s the lavender, that potent scent that awakens and relaxes at once, that is the definitive ingredient.  The scents are draped in the soothing suppleness of sweet almond oil, only the highest quality luxury brand fit for a queen.


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