Toy Surprise Bath Bomb


If you need help getting that little girl or boy into the tub, here’s a solution: try our all-natural Toy Surprise Bath Bombs. Make bath time fun and soothing. Water turns into the deep blue ocean, lavender and extra virgin coconut/olive oils soothe skin, and at the end of the fizz fish for the toy surprise. Sometimes it’s a Tsuum Tsuum, sometimes Littlest Pet Store, sometimes Mini Mixies, sometimes it’s Thomas and Friends, sometimes dinosaurs and cars. Custom-made for girls or boys with fragrances like cotton candy or bubble gum! Get yours today!



Hey Mom and Dad, here’s a way to make bath time fun again–get a Toy Surprise Bath Bomb from Greek Goddess Soap.

#extravirgincoconutoil and #extravirginoliveoil to soothe with #oatmeal #thyme and fun scents #cottoncandy and #bubblegum. The best is fishing around in a bath turned into the deep blue sea for the #toy figurine left behind.

toy bath bomb
Greek Goddess Toy Surprise Bath Bomb is made with all natural extra virgin coconut/olive oils, ground thyme, blue food coloring and a toy surprise

Will it be a #tsumtsum #minimixie #thomasthetrain #littlestpetshop #dinosaur or #car ? You won’t know until you try one!

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Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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