Visions of Greece Photo Tiles: Made to Order


Choose an image from our gallery and we can create a photo tile 4X4, just the right size for jazzing up your computer station, your car dashboard, your fridge.  These photo products can be customized to fit your tastes (send us your own) and to your function (fridge magnets, coasters, wall frames, even photo pictures on a mount to put on your night stand).  The sizes can also be customized, 4X4 small ($7) ,  3X6 panoramic shots ($10) 5X7 medium ($12), and 8X11 ($15) or even larger.  Email us for your specific orders.



It is so important to keep visions of Greece with us in our daily life. They inspire, they bring sunshine and sea into our office and home spaces. These versatile photo tiles are made with exclusive photography from Greece by yours truly. If you need visions of your own travels, we custom make your picture files into coasters, fridge magnets, and wall frames. Perfect for those Instagram shots you have stored in your iPhone. Great for baptism favors, birthday gifts, and house call presents for yiayia and pappou.

Most photo tiles are 4″X4″ square, but panoramic shots can be fit on a 3″X6″ tile.

Pick a mounting option: magnets, cork, adhesive velcro back, or hook.

Choose a photo of my own or send us your Instagram shots or iPhone shots and we can customize them to your needs.