Greek Goddess Gift Shop

Yiassou! As an ambassador for all (good) things Greek, I am featuring Greek-inspired products that can transport you to that magic place. Remember? Aaaahhh, sun bathing on Santorini, sipping ouzo and feasting on octopus in Chalkydiki, dancing your worries away on a beach-front club in Mykonos, roaming the ruins of the Acropolis?  There’s nothing that can make up for actually being there.    But here in our Greek Goddess Gift Shop is a small gathering of stuff you can order to bide you over till your next trip.

The products I feature are hand-made, original, and selected for quality and beauty.  Bring a little bit of Greece with you or better yet, gift Greece to someone near and dear to you.  We hope that the products bless you with all the goodness of Greece.  Hellas, Greece, it’s not a place; it’s a state of mind.



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